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We provide courses, workshops and 1:1 support for all aspects of running a successful franchise business.

Why invest in business training for franchisees?

  • Help to identify and realise opportunities
  • Provide the skills to make informed business decisions
  • Clear, realistic and accountable growth plans
  • Standardise network financial reporting & business planning
  • Attract and retain the right franchisee
  • Share network best practices & strengthen brand loyalty

Our training courses & workshops are carefully designed to help 

Financial Training

This franchise training provides business owners with a stronger understanding of the basics, enabling them to record, monitor and analyse their own financial performance with confidence to make informed business decisions.

Courses cover: Understanding business finance & accounts, An Introduction to Accounts & Business Finance, Multi-unit Manager 'Know your Restaurant' Course

Strategy Training

Gives business owners the tools to develop strategic planning and seize unlocked opportunities, leading to empowered and accountable network members.

Courses cover: Be SMART - The Next 30, 60, 90 days, Building the value of your Business, Business Planning Workshop, Business Diagnostic Workshop.

Soft Skills Training

Our non-financial training and coaching is designed to help business owners consider where you are now and where you want to go in the future.

Courses cover: Personal Branding Workshop, Effective Business Networking, How to Motivate Staff.

Franchisor-specific training

This franchise training delivers maximum benefit by applying the content to the franchisees business concept.

Courses cover: Business diagnostics - Unlocking Franchisee Opportunity, How to Monitor Franchisee Performance, How to Motivate Franchisees, Assisting Franchisees with their Financial Performance

Business Diagnostics Training

Understanding the 'health' of a business is a vital component before a business owner decides to grow or sell their business.

Bespoke course to meet franchisor needs - enhancing network support, strengthening brand integrity, minimising risk and more.

Courses cover: Business Diagnostic Workshop, Business Health Check, Preparing for resale, Bite-sized Webinars, Business needs analysis.

Why choose the Business Training Academy? 

40 years experience

Bespoke, brand-specific training with over 40 years experience working with franchises

Delivered by experts

Delivered by tutors with real business experience and 100% approval rating by delegates

Fully accredited by the BFA

Our courses have been fully accredited by the British Franchise Association

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