Gregory Potkins

Role: Customer Service Team Manager
With Novuna since: 2012
Division: Novuna Consumer Finance

"I joined the business in October of 2012 as a Customer Service Advisor. Since the day I started I haven’t wanted to work anywhere else. I joined during a period of fast paced change and growth, and the training and support that was offered to facilitate that change has been exemplary.

The culture of Novuna is to encourage development. I experienced this first hand when I began my journey to becoming a Senior Advisor and then again when I wanted to further my development and secured a secondment to Team Manger in Customer Service.

During this development, ample resources were available to me, as was the support, encouragement and knowledge of my manager and countless others within the business, which was offered willingly and enthusiastically.

Since the day I started I haven’t wanted to work anywhere else.

There exist many opportunity for employees to develop their skills and grow within their role or to apply for other roles internally. The clear succession plans put in place gives employees a firm idea of what skills, knowledge and experience they need to obtain to progress within the company. I would strongly recommend a career with Novuna to anyone looking for an employer that is willing and able to nurture their skills and give them the tools to develop themselves."