Risk and Compliance

In financial services, Risk & Compliance are a part of everyday life. Our Risk Universe is in place to ensure that we meet our regulatory and legal obligations by preparing us for potential risks and making sure we lend responsibly and compliantly.


In our industry, regulations exist for very good reasons. Our Compliance teams make sure our practices and processes are fit for purpose, and that our conduct is in keeping with the principle of Treating Customers Fairly.

Credit Risk

Credit Risk ensure we make responsible lending decisions, for the benefit of both our customers and our business.

Financial Crime

Our Financial Crime teams are dedicated to ensuring we spot fraud and financial crime, and take swift and appropriate action to avoid customer and business detriment.

Quality Assurance

If you’ve ever contacted a company call centre, you will likely have heard a message about calls being recorded. Things are no different in our business, and our Quality Assurance team are the people who listen to these calls, and check the work of our customer-facing colleagues to ensure things are done properly and fairly at all times.

Enterprise Risk

Enterprise Risk Management is all about identifying and managing  potential events that could prevent or hinder us from achieving our objectives. In Enterprise Risk we consider risks across the entire business, including Strategic, Financial, Conduct and Operational perspectives.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysts weigh up the data for a wide range of purposes. From forecasting future values of assets in our fleet, through to modelling scenarios and market fluctuations to ensure we’re prepared for all kinds of eventualities, our Risk Analysts are data-driven and experts in statistical and data analysis.