What is recruitment finance?

Wednesday 12th January 2022

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  • Why do recruitment businesses face cash flow problems?
  • What is recruitment finance?
  • Is recruitment finance a specific product?

What is recruitment finance?

With recruitment finance, you set up a finance facility with your lender, which turns into an ongoing funding stream. It's a type of funding solution that’s designed to help recruitment businesses struggling with their cash flow financing.

You’d place candidates in roles and raise invoices as normal, and then once you’ve done that, you send a copy to your finance provider, who will transfer around 80% of the value of the invoice right away. You then get the remainder, less fees such as interest, once the invoice has been settled.

It’s always important to consider these fees when deciding whether or not recruitment invoice finance is right for your business, and consulting an independent advisor is never a bad idea. It’s all about weighing up the costs versus the benefits of having cash in the bank.

Why do recruitment businesses face cash flow problems?

Invoice finance is a great solution for the recruitment industry as recruitment businesses naturally work on an invoice basis, having to carry out a large amount of work before they’re able to raise these invoices. This means that there can often be a challenge in balancing money between payroll and the settling of invoices - this challenge is all part of cash flow.

Without ready access to cash, recruitment companies can struggle to meet their monthly commitments. They can also find it difficult to grow, which might hamper their ability to do things like win larger contracts.

Late payment of invoices can really compound this - although we’d all like invoices to be paid on time, this simply doesn’t happen in all cases. That’s where recruitment invoice finance comes in.

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Is recruitment invoice finance a specific product?

Invoice finance is not limited to recruitment businesses. In fact, businesses of all types will employ it. It’s designed to help in any industry whereby cash flow issues are frequent, and that they’re often the result of late or unpaid invoices.

However, as it’s common for recruitment firms to have this issue, the name ‘recruitment invoice finance’ has stuck. It’s worth being aware that there are also several different types of invoice finance, with factoring and discounting being the most well-known. The major difference between the two is that discounting is confidential, where factoring usually means allowing the invoice finance provider to look after credit control too.

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