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What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice discounting is a confidential finance facility when a business sells its invoices to a third party at a discount to release the cash without having to wait for customers to pay.

Unlike invoice factoring, you retain control over your sales ledger and customer relationships.

Key Features of Invoice Discounting

  • Confidentiality: Your customers are unaware that you are using invoice discounting.
  • Control: You manage your sales ledger and customer relationships.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for businesses with a well-established credit control process.

How Does Invoice Discounting Work?

  1. Issue Invoices: Send invoices to your customers as usual.
  2. Submit to Finance Provider: Submit the invoices to your finance provider.
  3. Receive Advance: The provider advances up to 90% of the invoice value, typically within 24 hours.
  4. Customer Payment: Customers pay their invoices directly into a bank account managed by you or the finance provider.
  5. Balance Payment: Once the customer payment is received, the finance provider releases the remaining balance, minus their fees.
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Benefits of Invoice Discounting


Maintain customer relationships as they are unaware of the finance arrangement.

Retain Control

Manage your own credit control and collections.


As your sales grow, the available funding increases.

Advantages Over Other Finance Options

Quicker Access to Funds

Receive funds within days instead of weeks or months.

Less Stringent Requirements

Approval is often based on the creditworthiness of your customers, not just your business.

Lower Costs

Typically cheaper than invoice factoring due to the absence of credit control services.

How to Apply for Invoice Discounting

Assess Your Needs

Determine if invoice discounting suits your business model.

Submit Documentation

Provide the necessary invoices and business information.

Receive Funding

Once approved, start receiving advances on your invoices.

Is Your Company Eligible for Invoice Discounting?

  • Are you a UK based Small-to-Medium sized business?

  • Is your business invoicing other businesses?

  • You can be starting up, growing or well established. We support many businesses at different stages with their growth ambitions.

  • Do you have a minimum turnover of £250,000 per year?

  • If your business is a new start we prefer homeowners, but if not please still get in touch as we will look at each business individually.

  • If you export, please get in touch as we already support many exporting businesses.

Want to learn more about how you can boost your business's cash flow?

Our Cash Flow Resource Hub has been set up to help SME's with cash flow finance advice, tips and resources to help with their cash flow position.

We explore ways you can begin improving your cash flow and start getting your business on track to positive cash flow.

Expand your operations

Invest in stock, machinery or equipment

Employ new members of staff

Fix long-standing issues with cash flow

Why Choose Us as Your Invoice Discounting Company?

Award Winning Invoice Discounting Facility

Highly Recommended by Our Customers

"The communication and support has been outstanding. Providing me with all the information I needed regarding new clients coming onto our books. The system they use is so user friendly and the drawdown payments are very efficient in the fast moving world of temporary payroll."

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We Are Revolutionising Invoice Discounting Companies in the UK

6 month trial period

A 6 month trial period so you can be sure the product is right for you, followed by a 6 month rolling contract – we don’t tie our clients in for long periods.

Digital onboarding

We are the first in the market to offer a digital onboarding process and have been leading the way with our digital capabilities allowing clients to sign up within 24 hours from the first appointment.

Client trust account

Once you become a client you will be given your own trust account, meaning you will get same day availability on your funds. You can also view all of your invoices and payments online at a time suitable to you, 24/7.

No uncleared effects

We have heavily invested in our digital capabilities. This includes the auto allocation of payments using Artificial Intelligence. Ultimately this advance in technology means that our clients access money quicker as well as saving money on interest charges due to auto allocation.

Simple pricing

We aim to make the process of Cash Flow finance as simple and straightforward as possible. Our pricing is very straightforward to understand. For a no obligation quote or an informal chat you can call our friendly team today on 0808 250 0859.

Award winning service

We offer award-winning client services and individual Relationship Managers who are on the other end of the phone or out in the field to visit you in person.

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