What is recruitment finance?

Wednesday 12th January 2022

Understanding recruitment finance

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  • What is recruitment finance?
  • How does recruitment finance work?
  • Why do recruitment businesses face cash flow problems?
  • Is recruitment finance a specific product?

What is recruitment finance?

Recruitment finance offers a dual solution of recruitment funding and payroll assistance, minimising your overheads and liberating your time.

Recruitment finance, also known as invoice finance or staffing finance, is specifically tailored for the recruitment industry. It provides businesses with immediate access to the funds tied up in their unpaid invoices, enabling them to bridge the cash flow gap between paying employees and receiving payment from clients.

This flexible form of finance ensures that recruitment agencies can maintain a positive cash flow, pay their staff and suppliers on time, and invest in growth opportunities.

How does recruitment finance work?

With recruitment finance, you place candidates in roles and raise invoices as normal. Once you’ve done that, you send a copy to your finance provider, who will transfer up to 90% of the value of the invoice right away. You then get the remainder, less fees such as interest, once the invoice has been settled.

It’s always important to consider these fees when deciding whether or not recruitment finance is right for your business, and consulting an independent advisor is never a bad idea. It’s all about weighing up the costs versus the benefits of having cash in the bank.

Why do recruitment businesses face cash flow problems?

Invoice finance is a great solution for the recruitment industry as recruitment businesses naturally work on an invoice basis, having to carry out a large amount of work before they’re able to raise these invoices. This means that there can often be a challenge in balancing money between payroll and the settling of invoices - this challenge is all part of cash flow.

Without ready access to cash, recruitment companies can struggle to meet their monthly commitments. They can also find it difficult to grow, which might hamper their ability to do things like win larger contracts.

Late payment of invoices can really compound this - although we’d all like invoices to be paid on time, this simply doesn’t happen in all cases. That’s where recruitment finance comes in.

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What are the key benefits of recruitment finance?

1. Improved cash flow

Recruitment finance allows businesses to convert their unpaid invoices into cash, providing them with a consistent and reliable source of working capital. This influx of funds ensures that daily operations can continue without disruption and that the business can meet its financial obligations promptly.

2. Flexibility and scalability

Recruitment finance grows in line with the business, making it an ideal funding solution for companies experiencing rapid growth. As the number of invoices increases, so does the available funding. This scalability allows businesses to seize opportunities for expansion, invest in new talent acquisition, and take on larger contracts confidently.

3. Mitigating payment delays and bad debt

Late payments and bad debt can severely impact a recruitment agency's financial stability. With recruitment finance, businesses can protect themselves against the risk of non-payment and mitigate the negative effects of late-paying clients or bad debt. By relying on the financial backing provided by recruitment finance, companies can navigate through uncertain periods and maintain a healthy cash flow.

4. Streamlined operations and reduced administrative burden

Recruitment finance providers often offer back-office support, including credit control and invoice management services. This assistance helps streamline operations, allowing businesses to focus on core activities such as sourcing top talent and nurturing client relationships. By outsourcing administrative tasks, companies can increase efficiency and productivity, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

Is recruitment finance right for your business?

Recruitment finance is a powerful tool that can benefit a wide range of businesses operating in the recruitment sector. It is particularly valuable for:

  • Start-up recruitment agencies looking to establish a strong foundation and manage cash flow effectively.

  • Growing businesses experiencing rapid expansion and requiring additional working capital.

  • Companies facing late payments or struggling with bad debt, seeking financial stability and protection.

  • Businesses aiming to streamline operations and focus on their core competencies.

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What are the main finance options for recruitment finance?

1. Invoice factoring

Invoice factoring is a popular choice for many recruitment agencies seeking immediate funds. It allows you to convert your outstanding invoices into cash by selling them to a third-party financial institution, known as a factor. In return, you receive a percentage of the invoice value upfront, typically ranging from 70% to 90%. The factor assumes responsibility for collecting payment from your clients, saving you time and resources.

2. Invoice discounting

Similar to invoice factoring, invoice discounting enables you to leverage your outstanding invoices to access funds. However, unlike factoring, you retain control of your sales ledger and maintain direct communication with your clients. This option provides greater confidentiality, as your clients may not be aware of the financial arrangement. Invoice discounting empowers you to maintain control over your credit management while accessing the cash flow you need.

3. Payroll funding

Payroll funding is specifically designed to address the challenges of covering temporary staff wages before client payment is received. This type of finance provides you with immediate access to funds, ensuring you can meet your payroll obligations promptly. By partnering with a trusted finance provider, you can bridge the gap between paying your staff and receiving payment from your clients, alleviating cash flow concerns.

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