A ‘Net Zero’ organisation

We’re on a journey to make Novuna a ‘Net Zero’ organisation. That means we're committed to reducing our own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and we’re developing financial solutions that can support our customers and suppliers in addressing their climate agenda.


Our net zero targets  are guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and Net Zero targets, which seek to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. By embedding a culture of sustainability, setting clear targets and actions, and sharing our ambitions with colleagues, customers and industry, we believe we can make a meaningful contribution to the global aspiration for net zero by 2050.

We’ve already established a Net Zero Working Group, shared our ambitious Net Zero Targets with stakeholders, completed four years of GHG emissions accounting and have projects and initiatives underway across Novuna in support of our objectives.

Our Focus Areas

We have structured our Environmental Strategy around four key areas.

Embed a culture of sustainability and cut our own emissions

Setting out clear, measurable targets and the initiatives we need to reach them, such as cutting our gas, electricity, water and paper consumption and reducing business travel.

Focus on where we can make a real difference

Leveraging Novuna’s considerable experience and expertise to make a substantial net zero contribution in the transport sector, which produces up to 24% of the UK’s total emissions.

Direct our funds towards more sustainable assets

Focus on growing green assets with the aspirational target of 20% of Novuna’s assets being directly connected to climate action and affordable clean energy by March 2025.

Support our customers’ transition to zero emissions mobility

Helping customers transform to cleaner fleets with a target to have 100% of our car and small van fleet electric by 2030.