Novuna Business Finance launches new sustainability business podcast

Tuesday 12th March 2024

Novuna Business Finance has launched its first-ever Sustainability Business Podcast which will be available to download from 14th March. The first in a series of Podcasts planned this year, it is designed to spark meaningful conversations to support SMEs in their journey towards achieving net zero targets.

Each Podcast series will feature candid conversations with a diverse range of industry experts who will explore a number of green topics, including sustainable finance, waste reduction, energy conservation and green infrastructure amongst others.

The first episodes starts a bit closer to home and features guests from Novuna Business Finance. Each guest shares stories of their own personal journey towards sustainability and includes a diverse range of topics - from passionate discussions on the transformative power of sustainable finance to practical tips on how we can all include sustainability practices into our daily routine.

The first podcast series of four episodes will feature.

  • Philippe Bazin, Head of the Sustainable Energy team, shares his passion for sustainable finance and its potential to drive positive change in society. He also explores the concept of people feeling disempowered in the battle against climate change and how focussing around how to spend and invest our money in a better and more effective way to drive change.
  • Jo Morris, Head of Insight, talks about her own personal motivations behind sustainability and the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses in embracing sustainable practices. Jo also discusses the crucial role of government support and guidance to help SMEs navigate sustainability challenges effectively.
  • Laura Emmins, Broker support, and a Novuna Business Finance ‘Sustainability Champion’, discusses how she embeds sustainability into everyday activity from recycling to upcycling. She also mentions the importance of encouraging positive and practical sustainability initiatives within organisations to nurture a culture of sustainability.
  • Account Manager, Richard Thompson, discusses the pivotal role of accessing financing options to facilitate SMEs transiting to eco-friendly practices. He gives a real-life example of a company that uses sustainable initiatives to drive business growth while contributing to a greener future.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we know that all businesses have to make critical decisions for their long-term viability. Our podcast series aims to open the debate and look at the issues that really matter, whilst also acknowledging the challenges and opportunities that small businesses face in embracing sustainable solutions. We would like to encourage business owners to get involved and join the conversation.  We hope you enjoy the first series and look out for the second Series which will be available in the Spring.

Jo Morris

Head of Insight

Novuna Business Finance