6 benefits of Novuna’s Season Ticket Finance

Thursday 23rd May 2024

Football fan cheering at a stadium

As we reach the end of another great season, it’s time for your club to reflect on what’s worked and set goals for the upcoming season and beyond.

Every club wants to cultivate an energetic, supportive atmosphere in the stands. And while most major clubs’ season tickets quickly sell out, reducing admin for your internal teams and creating a great purchasing experience for your supporters should be key when deciding on exactly how your fans pay for their tickets.

Our Season Ticket Finance provides an ideal solution. While you may be currently working with a different provider, now’s the time to ask yourself if you can offer a payment solution that simply works better for your club and your fans.

Here’s why we think you need Novuna.

1. No risk to your club

Think about your current finance options, including Direct Debit schemes and season ticket finance from other providers: what happens when your fans default on their repayments? Dealing with missed or late payments can be time-consuming and costly for your club.

With Novuna’s Season Ticket Finance option, we will not recall the money from you if a customer fails to make their repayments. This makes our option cost-effective and hassle-free for your club.

2. Improved cashflow

If you currently give your fans the option to spread the cost via Direct Debit, you know the frustration of receiving payments monthly – with no guarantees all payments will be made on time.

When you work with us, we’ll send you the full cost of a supporter’s season ticket within five working days of them signing their agreement. You’ll get the funds upfront and we’ll collect the repayments. It couldn’t be simpler.

3. Less admin for your colleagues

Collecting funds yourself, either by cash/card or Direct Debit, can be a time-consuming task for your team. We think there’s a better way.

Members self-serve using our online portal, which can be linked from your club ticket website. It’s smooth and simple for your fans and easy for your colleagues to deal with (in fact, they’ll barely have to get involved at all). Your supporters will fill out our quick application platform online and will manage all aspects of their finance online or via our app too.

Plus, as you don’t need to be FCA authorised to offer Season Ticket Finance, there’s no ongoing fees or annual FCA reporting to think about.

4. Fast onboarding

We can get your club up and running with our Season Ticket Finance solution in no time. So, whether your renewal window opens this year or next, we can support you in quickly getting set up.

You won’t need to worry about complex integrations or endless staff training modules. Simply link out to our online application portal from your ticket site and we’ll do the rest.

5. Partner with a brand your customers trust

While our Season Ticket Finance solution is relatively new to market, we’ve been lending money to customers for over 40 years. Our finance options are tried and tested, and our brand name is nationally recognised.

This increases the likelihood of your supporters noticing and applying for finance with Novuna, knowing we’ll look after them. With over 3,000 5-star reviews in the last year alone, you can trust us to deliver a great service for your season ticket holders.

6. Boosts fan loyalty

Many clubs have thousands of loyal fans who renew their season tickets year after year.

But, with the cost of living challenges putting a squeeze on many people’s finances, spending thousands of pounds upfront might not be possible.

While all Season Ticket Finance offers the option to spread the cost, our application platform is designed to make applying for finance quick and simple for your fans.

We don’t charge any set-up charges, administration costs or arrangement fees and it’s up to you whether your club foots the interest. Choose interest free, and your fans won’t need to pay a penny more than they would if they bought their season tickets upfront. Plus, from your club’s perspective, you won’t need to be FCA authorised.

Reward your fans’ loyalty by giving them a payment method that works for them.

Ready to add a new player to your payment options?

Get in touch with our specialist team to get set up ahead of next season’s renewal window.