Case study: buying a new boiler using finance

Wednesday 6th September 2023

When Jane’s boiler broke down, she understandably wanted to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. Thanks to our finance offering, she was able to get the boiler she wanted bought and fitted within just a few working days, without worrying about the stress of paying for such a significant purchase upfront.

It was very straightforward and easy to apply for credit when ordering my new boiler. I was able to set the amount I wanted to pay as a deposit, then my monthly payments were calculated for me. Approval was very fast too.

Jane had plenty of plans for a busy weekend – but one of them wasn’t dealing with a faulty boiler. Left without heating or hot water, Jane needed to find a solution… and fast. She opted to buy her boiler online, using Heatable to get a quote for a new boiler and choose the right model to suit her needs. Now she just needed to checkout and complete her purchase.

The new boiler was going to cost over £2,000. Instead of parting with thousands of pounds upfront, Jane chose to spread the cost over two years using the finance options offered at the checkout instead.

Through our partnership with Heatable, customers can choose a deposit amount that suits them before deciding from a selection of different monthly payment options. We offer customers outstanding flexibility, with interest free finance available on loan terms up to four years in some cases, or interest bearing options if customers choose to spread the cost over a longer period.

Jane’s purchase was done and dusted in no time. And, just a few days later, her new boiler was fitted by one of Heatable’s reputable installers.

For customers facing an unexpected expense, the option to spread the cost over more manageable monthly instalments can be invaluable. That’s why some of the UK’s most trusted retailers in the heating and plumbing sector choose to partner with us. Our finance solutions give customers peace of mind that, should they be faced with a significant bill, they won’t need to worry about finding the money upfront straightaway.

Give your customers a stress-free purchasing experience by offering retail finance.