Mr Charger gets a boost by offering retail finance

Thursday 27th April 2023

Electric vehicle charging specialists, Mr Charger, operate across the UK to find and install the most suitable charge points. Their latest challenge was to find the right retail finance provider to offer flexible payment options to customers. Novuna Consumer Finance’s convenient, simple product combined with outstanding onboarding process and customer support helped Mr Charger find the ideal solution for them.

About Mr Charger    

Mr Charger was founded in 2016, when Martin Wells and Richard Mills saw huge potential in the early but growing EV market. The company quickly became one of the UK’s most trusted EV charging specialists, setting up as a franchise in 2020 to further expand the business.

When a government incentive that allowed homeowners to claim £350 on EV charging point installation came to an end in April 2022, the team at Mr Charger were prompted to find a different way to help make the cost of the installation more manageable. They decided to partner with a retail finance provider, and began their research…

Finding the right finance solution

Electric vehicles cost thousands of pounds, so being able to spread the cost of the electric charging point and installation is an attractive option for EV owners. Mr Charger knew their customers would want a finance option where a large deposit wasn’t required, and payments could be spread over a longer timeframe.

We were able to offer the ideal solution. Where other providers only offered the option for customers to spread payments over a couple of months with a large deposit, Novuna Consumer Finance enables customers to spread the cost over ten interest-free payments.

For Mr Charger customers, there’s no cost for taking out finance. No interest fees, no hidden charges – just total convenience.

A smooth and simple onboarding process

Our onboarding process is designed to be quick and ultra-responsive, with the Novuna Consumer Finance team always on-hand to offer information and advice. We listened closely to the requirements of the business and swiftly found a solution that fitted their needs.

From the speed of set-up to delivering training sessions for franchises, our responsive team went above-and-beyond to ensure Mr Charger could start offering finance to customers as soon as possible.

Super-charging customer support thanks to finance

Mr Charger is already seeing the benefits of offering finance:

  • Attracting new business - customers are actively enquiring about the new finance option
  • Staying one step ahead of the competition – having flexible payment options in place helps to ensure customers aren’t lost to other installers
  • Brand reputation – working with a recognised, reliable finance partner ensures customers receive outstanding service which reflects positively on all parties

We really had no reservations when partnering with Novuna Consumer Finance. We felt they offered the best product and service for our customers. The onboarding process was great from start to finish too, with full training provided for all of our franchises. We feel confident because we have partnered with a trusted brand that customers recognise. You won’t be disappointed with Novuna Consumer Finance.

Craig Poynter, Onboarding Specialist at Mr Charger

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