Novuna was there for me when I needed them

Tuesday 4th July 2023

Bed with blue cushions scattered on it next to a bedside table

Often retail finance is seen as a way to make big-ticket non-essential purchases easier to manage but, for many customers, it can provide access to things that will make a big difference to their lives.

Five years ago, Apolo moved to the UK from Mexico for work. Though he’d had a regular and reliable income for years, he was concerned that having minimal credit history would prevent him from accessing finance in the future. When he was accepted for 0% finance with Novuna, Apolo was delighted. Not only did it give him access to the product he needed, but it also allowed him to build his credit history.

When I moved over from Mexico years ago I gave up a lot of little luxuries. So when I spotted a great bed on sale for 50% off I knew it was time to treat myself. But I wasn’t sure I’d be accepted for finance. When I was accepted immediately I was very pleased!

Apolo already trusted Novuna to provide him with an outstanding service. So, when he saw a watch he wanted a little while later, he knew the interest free finance option would be his preferred choice. Once again he was accepted for the loan after completing the “easy, smooth application process”.

Novuna has helped me with some of the most important projects in my life. I feel so grateful they have been there with me when I needed them. I can’t recommend Novuna Personal Finance enough. All I can say is thank you.

Offer retail finance to support your customers

There are many benefits of offering retail finance. Attract more customers and retain existing ones, drive sales and improve your average transaction value.