Speed up credit decisions and reduce administration using Novuna Connect, granting you quicker access to funds

Novuna Connect allows you to share your key information with us with the minimum effort on your part. To enable you to get the most out of your facility, we need to understand your financial accounts and have visibility of your banking, a process which is normally labour intensive, prone to errors and a potential fraud hazard.

Novuna Connect speeds up credit decisions and reduces administration, granting you quicker access to funds. This electronic process significantly reduces fraud and helps to reduce our combined carbon footprint.

How can using Novuna Connect benefit your business?

  • Eliminates the need for manual data collection

    Providing debtor and creditor ledgers as well as your banking information used to mean manually emailing a ream of documents. With Novuna Connect, information is available automatically, saving you time and administration expenses.

  • Increased data reliability

    Sharing data directly from your accountancy platform and Business Bank reduces the risk of human errors which may delay your facility approval.

  • Increased security 

    Novuna Connect is much safer than sharing key company data over unsecured email or via post.

    You will be asked to login and connect your accountancy platform and Business Bank, allowing you to securely share the requested financial information required for the set-up and on-going monitoring of your facility.

    We communicate directly with your accounts system provider over a secure API connection, eliminating the need to store sensitive personal information or passwords.

Novuna Connect FAQ's

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