5 marketing hacks for SME entrepreneurs

Wednesday 12th January 2022

Picture the scene, you have secured the right financial investment for your start up, successfully established a credible business model, and are beginning to build a solid client base.

In an age where more conversations are happening digitally, it’s vital for SME business owners to invest time and energy into establishing a strong presence — whether through social media or email marketing — to build awareness of their brand.

There are a number of simple, affordable marketing techniques to help you start conversations around your enterprise and develop a strong reputation.

In this article:

  1. Harnessing the power of social media
  2. Rewards for recommendations
  3. Crafty content
  4. Join the conversation
  5. Embrace email marketing

1. Harness the power of social media

Carefully crafting a killer content strategy for your online networks is an excellent way to tap into a prospect’s newsfeed and project a positive brand message that drives them to find out more.

Encourage your team to engage with your brand, keep on top of trends, join relevant conversations, and take note of what works and what doesn’t. Remember, social platforms are a place to take risks and be bold — of course, we’re not suggesting you dispel professionalism — but you can afford to be a little playful and memorable, it will pay off in the long run.

2. Rewards for recommendations

Word of mouth can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for your business — remember, people buy from people. Urge supporters and friends of the business to make positive recommendations and offer small incentives for each completed sale.

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3. Crafty content

It’s important to constantly keep up momentum with your website. Customers in search of more information about the firm will head straight to your homepage and if your content isn’t compelling, your branding isn’t on point, or your images aren’t engaging, it may just lose you a sale!

Regularly update the site with news or product information and ensure that your organisation’s tone of voice consistently shines through.

4. Join the conversation

In these lonely, sometimes troubling times, a sense of community can mean everything. As you start to build your start up’s reputation, try to engage with local events and groups to get your name out there and showcase your personality.

Connect with industry leaders and keep up to date with current sector news so you can join the conversation online and become a ‘go-to’ expert in your field.

5. Embrace email marketing

Something that should be part of every SME owner’s toolkit, well-crafted emails are a great way to grow your client portfolio and nurture prospects. While providing a direct line of communication between you and potential customers, sophisticated campaigns can take each recipient throughout a personalised, online journey to provide another savvy way to interact with your brand.

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