6 ways email marketing can grow your SME in 2022

Thursday 13th January 2022

Do you have a small to medium sized business and have you ever wondered which tools to use to market your business without breaking the bank? Email marketing has been shown to be one of the best marketing tools available for SMEs - especially those with limited financial resources. It is an efficient way for small businesses to be able to reach out to their customers, grow their customer base and build their reputation.

Research shows that as many as 85% of adults regularly use their email accounts and people are increasingly purchasing products online. Email marketing can become a useful tool to help you to increase the conversion rates for your business in many ways.

Email marketing that is kept transparent, open and honest offers you the best chance of maintaining and improving good relationships with new and existing customers, enabling you to build a strong and loyal customer base to work from.

Though the email has been around for a while it is more effective than you may realise, so we have compiled a list of ways to show how email marketing can help you grow your business in 2022

How email marketing can grow your SME:

  1. Cost effective marketing channel
  2. Helps develop a brand and build business credibility
  3. Ability to target your audience
  4. Building up a solid customer base
  5. Building brand loyalty and generating new customers
  6. Timing

1. Cost effect marketing channel

This is great news if you have a limited amount of money to spend on marketing your product and email marketing is often cited as being the most productive form of digital marketing. Around 80% of business professionals consider email a very important tool to retain customers and when used correctly has the potential to deliver the greatest return on investment of all the marketing channels. Designing a professional email marketing campaign isn’t particularly complicated or time consuming and the ability to reach large numbers of subscribers by email makes it very cost effective.

Pound for pound, effective email marketing can become one of the more cost effective forms of marketing that is available to your business.

2. Helps develop a brand and build business credibility

Without a recognisable name or much of a reputation, how does a new business build its credibility and why would someone give their business to you? This is a big hurdle for a small business.

Having direct access to the email inboxes of your customers and potential customers through email marketing gives you a great opportunity to create a unique message, style and voice for your subscribers. The ability to stay in touch with customers easily allows you to build a strong customer base where you can create familiarity and trust for your brand keeping your customers up to date with who you are and where you are going.

3. Ability to target your audience

Email marketing enables you to reach an already engaged audience with messaging that is personal and targeted.

An email marketing campaign will get better results if you understand who you are messaging and by using email marketing automation software you are easily able to capture details of new customers when they sign up to your email list or subscribe for a discount. By segmenting your audience into demographic, location and age and defining whether they are existing customers or new leads, you can ensure that the messages you are sending are relevant based on past purchases and browsing history to achieve higher transaction rates and much better results.

Personalised emails create a feeling of being valued, increasing customer loyalty and leading to improved conversions. It also means you can send fewer emails that have a better impact as personalised emails generally have a much higher transaction rate.

4. Building up a solid customer base

There are many ways to grow your email list and build up a solid customer base. Whenever you interact with a potential customer, make sure you give them an opportunity to sign up to your mailing list. Supplying unique content that your subscribers will enjoy through blogging or video is another way to drive traffic to your business.

There are services that you can engage with that will make it easy for you to add email forms to your website, blog or other online pages. By offering discounts, special offers and exclusive deals you will be able to capture more contacts.

5. Building brand loyalty and generating new customers

Email marketing enables you to be transparent as well as open and honest with your customers, allowing you to stand the best chance of improving and maintaining good relationships, building a strong and loyal customer base to work from.

It also allows you to keep customers informed of latest products, big events or just general news in a quick and cost effective manner. If you are a new company, customers will feel like they are part of your success if you keep them informed of new ideas and ventures

Building brand loyalty means repeat business. Loyal customers refer products to friends, recommend you on social media sites and give good reviews on your website which in turn attracts new customers.

6. Timing

Email marketing allows you to choose when and how often you contact customers. Too many emails can be off putting and you want to avoid communications going unopened and unread. Do some research and find the right balance for your requirements; this will enable you to keep people engaged without turning them off.

Email marketing has many benefits - you can grow your business without breaking the bank, build a brand, target your audience and position yourself as an expert in your industry to you customer base.

Most importantly, creating an effective email marketing campaign isn’t a time consuming endeavour. Whatever your level of experience you can create professional email marketing campaigns quickly, so less time is spent worrying about marketing details and more time is spent working on your business to ensure its success.

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