Extrovert business owners spend more on work Christmas Do's

Three in five bosses have planned COVID-friendly Christmas work events for their staff, from new research we have carried out, but the kind of Christmas function you have is likely to be dependent on the personality profile of your boss!

We surveyed 1,004 small business owners, made up from those who described themselves as introverts (67%) and extraverts (33%)

It also captured the proportion of money these bosses typically spend on Christmas work events, as an indication of how much they will save this year (£746). Extraverted bosses spend as much as £931 compared to £655 of introverted ones, a third more overall.

The good news is that most Small Business owners are rewarding their staff with an end-of-year bonus (23%),

Other festive work plans include:

  • Exchanging small festive treats (e.g. Champagne) (22%)
  • Additional days off to be with their families (20%)
  • Personal phone call to say thank you for their hard work (20%)
  • Secret Santa (18%)
  • Christmas-themed quiz online (16%)
  • Online Christmas drinks party for the whole team (15%)

While this is a light-hearted snapshot of the plans that business owners have to celebrate Christmas with their staff, there is a real message behind the value that employees can bring to a business – and these work events serve to bring in a sense of community and cohesion among a workforce, which is even more important after such a disjointed year.

(The research was conducted by Marublue on behalf of Novuna Business Finance among a nationally representative sample of 1,039 small business owners between the 27 November and the 3 December)