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Novuna Business Finance's programme of quarterly research insights amongst Small Business owners provides the narrative behind the current economic market issues facing the SME community and their outlook ahead.

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Kept Awake at Night: The Issues on the Minds of Small Business Leaders (2015 - 2024)

Small business perspectives on sustainability: the mandate for support from a new UK Government

The Welsh growth report: small business leader outlook over time (2015 -2023)

Strategies to power growth: small business outlook over time (2017 - 2023)

Access to funding: small business outlook over time (2017 - 2023)

Planning for growth: Small business outlook over time (2014-2023)

The small business sustainability report 2023

Press Releases

Percentage of small businesses investing in growth initiatives hits three-year low

Economic Volatility Worries Increase as Three Quarters of Scottish Small Business Owners Kept Awake at Night

Economic volatility remains top worry as three quarters of small business owners kept awake at night

Small business growth forecasts in agricultural sector hit three-year high

Eight in ten small businesses taking positive steps to strengthen their enterprises in 2024

Small business reliance on securing finance to power growth hits six-year high

Demand for Carbon-Neutral suppliers on the rise as SMEs set stricter partnership conditions

Three in 10 retail small businesses predict festive downturn this year

Small business confidence hits 12-month low in Scotland

Small business confidence plummets to three year low-point for UK manufacturing

More small businesses linking carbon reduction to business benefits

Strategies to power growth: small business outlook over time

One in five UK small businesses could not report on any of their emissions if asked tomorrow

Surge in eco-conscious small businesses hits record 12-month high

Welsh small businesses trail behind England and Scotland in growth expectations

Scottish small businesses lead UK in growth outlook

Two in three small businesses cite tangible business benefits of tech innovation

Small businesses driving the pace needed to mitigate climate crisis

Small business growth planning hits three-year high

Seasonal businesses drive summer bounce in small business growth forecasts

‘Incentives rather than fines’ say small businesses looking to be more sustainable

Proportion of Scottish small businesses scaling back hits four-year low

Proportion of Welsh small businesses scaling back hits four-year low

Consumer confidence now primary concern for small businesses as rising cost worries ease

Eight in ten small businesses cite barriers to growth as fears over market uncertainty rise sharply

89% of small businesses would check the sustainability credentials of a supplier before choosing to work with them

Hospitality sector bounces back to highest growth outlook in 12 months

Growth outlook in transport and distribution sector continues to struggle after a difficult Q1

Growth outlook in manufacturing declines significantly despite positive Q1 figures

Mature small businesses power forward as growth outlook bounces back in hospitality, agriculture and retail

New Novuna Business Finance report uncovers small business attitudes towards sustainability

Small businesses taking protective measures to strengthen their businesses this quarter

Scottish small businesses lagging behind other regions with sustainability plans, according to new report

Economic uncertainty keeps four in five small business owners awake at night

Scottish small businesses amongst regions least likely to predict growth this quarter, as economic uncertainty continues

Start-ups driving growth forecasts in small business sector rocked by market uncertainty

Four in five small business leaders frustrated that no one is doing enough to tackle climate change

Half of small businesses looking to secure finance to grow their businesses in 2023

Welsh small businesses focused on cost control as growth outlook falls

Scottish small businesses one of few regions predicting growth in Q4 but cost-of-living still a big concern

Novuna Business Finance implements automated invoice processing to enhance its service

Third party costs topped the list of concerns as nine in ten small businesses are worried about the cost-of-living impacts

Small Businesses in Agriculture Echo COP Calls for Sustainability

From Pledging to Implementing: Third of small businesses have formal Net Zero plan in place

UK Small businesses call for greater Government leadership in the race to become Net Zero

Retail enterprises bank on Christmas trading for uplift in growth prospects

Growth outlook in the Transport and Distribution sector continues to slide, as contraction proportion rises

Construction sector focussed on cost control as growth outlook remains subdued in second half of the year

Growth outlook in the manufacturing sector remains subdued for second consecutive quarter

Growth outlook in the Hospitality and Leisure sector falls amidst cost-of-living crisis

More agricultural small businesses predicting contraction than growth in Q4

Small business growth forecasts hit two-year low

Novuna Business Finance solves the automated feed conundrum

Small businesses help environment with sweeping cut back to business travel

Businesses defy gloomy outlook with plans to succeed in the next three months

Energy price cap will support small business growth this Autumn - 55% of business owners have struggled with rising costs

Small businesses lead the change on Net Zero

Small businesses switch to domestic UK market as perceived growth opportunities in EU stagnate

Small business growth predictions hold firm despite soaring price rises and political uncertainty

Nine in ten small businesses fall short on sustainability

Proportion of small businesses experiencing barriers to growth hits five-year record high

Novuna Business Finance Beats Sluggish Market Recovery To Grow Profits By A Quarter

Rising Energy Costs Drive Green Agenda Among UK Small Businesses

Small business growth forecasts hit two-year high

7-Year Spike in Small Businesses Looking to Hire Set Against Backdrop of Caution

Sleepwalking into landfill: one in two small businesses fall short on basic recycling

715,000 small business are worried about climate change and admit they are not doing enough

Small businesses make sustainability a priority for the year

Ukraine crisis and rising fuel prices overtake Covid as top concern for small businesses

Energy Top Concern as Small Businesses Make Sustainability a Priority for 2022

Proportion of small businesses predicting organic growth hits two-year high as omicron restriction ease

Small businesses choosing home over hybrid, with average WFH business saving almost £50k a year

Lockdown widens investment gap between tech savvy small businesses and tech laggards

Access to finance jeopardises significant job creation bid by UK small businesses

Buoyant Christmas run-in as proportion of small businesses predicting closure hits record low

Technology helps three in four small businesses to become more efficient

Progress on the travel green list good news for up to 2.5 million small businesses looking for growth overseas

Investing in new people: biggest concern for small firms who are unable to get financial support

Life after 21 June SME bounce back but concerns remain

Three in four small businesses set out growth agenda for post-lockdown era

Small business growth outlook increases

Brexit Special - Research through the lens of the consumers

Uncovering the personality of small business owners

How small businesses managed the pandemic in 2020

Small businesses prepare to get in shape for 2021

Extrovert business owners spend more on work Christmas Do's

Small business confidence returns

Audiences in focus | Tech-enabled Start Ups

Audience in focus | Family-run small businesses

Small businesses focused on impact of Covid

Small business confidence holds firm

Small businesses adjust to a new normal

Small businesses go through a financial workout

Bank holidays for some but not for single parent business owners

Business confidence bounces back from easing of lockdown

Rapid response mentoring programme for small business

Why business owners over 55 will never stop working

Embracing digital transformation in the small business sector

Shift to online as small businesses adapt to new normal

Small business growth outlook collapses

Small business growth forecast reaches an 18 month high

Late payment crisis threatens small business growth

Small businesses step up plans for oversea expansion

Start-Ups Driving Growth Forecasts in a Small Business Sector Rocked by Market Uncertainty

Growth forecast for Welsh small businesses rebounds following rocky quarter