6 ways to show employees that you care in your start up

Thursday 31st March 2022

Employees are a very valuable part of the success of a start up and the benefits of holding onto a dedicated team are many. Losing valuable people due to a lack of care and attention could jeopardise the success of your new venture so it is important to make sure that when you employ people you make them feel like you care. Employees who feel appreciated are likely to feel happier in their roles and therefore put in more effort, feel more invested and dedicated to work towards the success of the company.

There are many ways to make employees feel that you care, so we have put together a few of the more important but simple things you can do as an employer to show your appreciation:

6 ways to show employees that you care:

  • Listen
  • Offer feedback
  • Create opportunities
  • Show respect and trust
  • Special treats
  • Say thank you

1. Listen

Listening is an extremely important skill. Having an open door policy at the office and making yourself available will provide you with an opportunity to learn about your employees and to find out how they feel about the work they do. You may be surprised by what you learn. They could have ideas about better ways of working that may make their job more enjoyable or more effective. Listening to your employees and taking action where needed or just showing an interest in their lives will make them feel valued and understood.

2. Feedback

Providing constructive feedback where possible will help to motivate employees and if you have received good feedback about an employee or about your team from outside the company make sure you pass it on. You should encourage your team to recognise qualities in their colleagues and maybe even share this information in a weekly meeting. Look for opportunities to provide good and transparent feedback and to give compliments where necessary. Try to avoid negative feedback as it risks demoralising the employee, rephrasing it as constructive is more helpful and beneficial to everyone.

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3. Opportunities

Create opportunities for your employees as this is a great way to show them that you are interested in them as individuals and as members of your team. This could include allowing them to attend events outside the office including fun activity events and professional development courses or conferences that will enable them to further their careers and mix with other people.

4. Respect and trust

Always treat your employees with respect. Showing trust and respect means you value them as individuals and feel they are competent in their role. Having their backs and supporting them will give them the confidence to progress and to ask for help if they need it. Give ownership to members of your team to take responsibility for certain tasks, they will feel trusted and appreciated and that they are a useful part of the company, ultimately benefiting your business as their job satisfaction increases.

5. Special treats

Taking your team out for a meal or bringing something nice into the office is often all it takes to make people feel valued and appreciated. Try not to make all of their working life about hard work and achievement - everyone needs time to let off steam and relax for a while and it will show them that you are a boss who is worth working for and committing to.

6. Say Thank You

Just saying “Thank you” is sometimes all it takes for your employees to feel that you are paying attention to the work they are doing and that you appreciate their contribution to the company. It can be that simple!

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