The most common questions startup owners ask Google

Thursday 13th January 2022

The number of people starting their own business from home has rocketed over the last 18 months, but with many people having never run a business before, who do they turn to for important business advice? Google.

“Start a business” has 11,000 searches on Google every month, so we decided to take a look at the most common questions start-up owners ask the search engine when trying to get their business off the ground.

The most common questions were around how to set up a business, with ‘how to start a business’, ‘how to register a business’ and ‘how to write a business plan’ the top three most searched for questions.

Other common questions centre around getting funding for a business and marketing, as well as tax and mortgages.

In this article:

  • The most Googled questions by start-up owners
  • What businesses are people starting from home?
  • The most popular businesses Brits are starting from home

The most Googled questions by start-up owners:

  1. How to start a business - 8,200 monthly searches
  2. How to register a business - 5,600 monthly searches
  3. How to write a business plan - 3,300 monthly searches
  4. How to build a website - 1,800 monthly searches
  5. How to start a business with no money - 1,400 monthly searches
  6. How to get a business loan - 1,200 monthly searches
  7. How much tax do self-employed pay - 1,000 monthly searches
  8. Getting a mortgage when self-employed - 900 monthly searches
  9. How to register a business name - 900 monthly searches
  10. How to start a business from home - 500 monthly searches
  11. How to start a business on Instagram - 500 monthly searches
  12. What is pricing strategy - 400 monthly searches
  13. How to get funding for a new business - 350 monthly searches
  14. How much does it cost to register a business - 350 monthly searches
  15. How to apply for small business grant - 250 searches

What businesses are people starting from home?

Our research also uncovered some interesting findings around the businesses Brits are trying to start from home. Clothes, cleaning and food business are the most popular businesses to start at home, with all three having 350 Google searches per month, closely followed by wax melt and gardening businesses, which both get 250 searches per month on average.

The most popular businesses Brits are starting from home:

  1. Starting a clothing business - 350 monthly searches
  2. Starting a cleaning business - 350 monthly searches
  3. Starting a food business from home - 350 monthly searches
  4. Starting a wax melt business - 250 monthly searches
  5. Starting a gardening business - 200 monthly searches
  6. Starting a dog grooming business - 200 monthly searches
  7. Starting a window cleaning business - 150 monthly searches
  8. Starting a bakery business 150 monthly searches
  9. Starting a jewellery business - 150 monthly searches
  10. Starting a tshirt business - 150 monthly searches
  11. Starting a lash business - 150 monthly searches
  12. Starting a bath bomb business - 150 monthly searches
  13. Starting a photography business - 150 monthly searches
  14. Starting a sweet business from home - 100 monthly searches
  15. Starting a dog walking business - 100 monthly searches
  16. Starting a car detailing business - 100 monthly searches
  17. Starting a cake business - 100 monthly searches
  18. Starting a property business - 90 monthly searches
  19. Starting a craft business - 80 monthly searches
  20. Starting a personal training business - 80 monthly searches

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