What a broker’s role might look like in 2030

Thursday 20th January 2022

While we won’t be using a crystal ball to predict our industry’s future, there are skills a finance employee can build on now to progress their professional development for many years to come.

Maintaining strong client relationships – and providing something a competitor lacks – as well as having an appetite to add more strings to your broker’s bow can prove to be pivotal when transforming a customer’s experience and supporting them in becoming more financially savvy.

Here are four areas we believe should set your professional skills apart a decade later – some of which might only require a bit of fine tuning in the meantime.

In this article:

  1. Continuing to be an effective communicator
  2. Maintaining a sense of empathy
  3. Maintaining an agile mindset
  4. Ensuring technology isn't forgotten but knowing when it's essential

1. Continuing to be an effective communicator

It has been difficult to avoid messages about how we must all keep talking to customers and colleagues – especially those who are operating remotely.

As a financial expert, speaking honestly and authentically should be something you’re already doing. But it’s also worth building on your communication skills and truly listening to what organisations are also telling you.

Learning from feedback and tailoring your responses to solve their individual concerns – no matter how difficult the conversation might be – should set the scene to provide an even greater level of sound financial advice.

2. Maintaining a sense of empathy

In our recent blog we underlined how leaders that can truly understand a customer’s invoicing issues and work with them on how to ease cash flow crises with warmth and honesty, can often make all the difference when evolving their critical business partnerships – no matter the decade.

How to show empathy as a business leader

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3. Maintaining an agile mindset

It may seem to be a corporate buzzword, but there is a lot to be said for those who are able to adapt and embrace change.

Cash flow concerns may never leave an enterprise’s focus but with agility, these skills can help you to remain flexible when you’re required to evolve client circumstances. As a savvy broker, you should already be building your resilience and learning from experiences that will shape such future conversations.

4. Ensuring technology isn't forgotten but knowing when it's essential

There is so much online noise that it’s often difficult to know which way to turn when it comes to adopting the savviest tools – especially when every system promises that it will streamline your professional services.

Modern-day financial brokers should feel comfortable with technology and understand how it improves their offering. But it’s not about being a digital wizard or paying over the odds for an IT infrastructure you can’t access. Instead, identify the solutions that will enhance your client relationships – when the time comes.

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