Is automation key a brokers potential?

Thursday 20th January 2022

As the pandemic’s critical impact continues apace, finance professionals are having to rapidly evolve in order to stay ahead of the curve.

With roles diversifying daily, customers’ modern-day requirements are moving at a similar rate too. Therefore, communication is vital when assisting individuals with their cashflow concerns.

COVID-19 has made sure that industries think and act differently, causing many businesses to shift their mindsets and instead operate with a digital-first approach. And that means brokers are being tasked with creating comms based on an individual’s present attitudes. Now, they must address current circumstances and ensure they’re reactive to all of-the-moment financial worries.

A client portfolio may look vastly different now too following company closures, furloughed staff and invoice issues. Therefore, a broker’s digital communications – such as an email, text or piece of direct mail – must be sensitive to those real-time needs. On the other hand, clients may have experienced a ‘boom’, so the content they receive should reflect their individual circumstances.

We’ve previously highlighted how a modern-day broker’s role has vastly changed, and that’s why they must advance their comms methods to understand every individual organisation’s differing needs.

Could automation be the answer?

Being equipped with a sophisticated tool that helps financial professions to receive in-depth analysis of their customer’s current online attitudes, can assist in how they ‘segment’ their client base and tailor interactions accordingly.

Producing effective, personalised emails means conversations are less likely to fall flat because they’re engaging the recipient with the understanding of their real-time needs.

With today’s vast digital noise, getting emails seen is often a difficult task. However, by plugging in marketing automation, a broker’s comms can be sent to the right person, when they’re most engaged. It also saves precious hours each week – as the tool takes care of the digital delivery – and helps to preserve, and deepen, those all-important relationships because customers are receiving content they actually want to read.

All this collected data then assists in how brokers map out their next targeted comms campaign – which is likely to land a lot better than a blanket piece of content that’s loosely received by all.

Of course, automation won’t take care of everything. There still needs to be a strong broker-client relationship. But, when the online world is craving more personalisation from organisations, could now be the perfect time to explore the powers of data-rich tools?

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