The Novuna app makes it easy to manage finance

Tuesday 4th July 2023

Woman holding a camera

Luke was looking for reliable, high-quality photography equipment. Flexible finance makes investing in expensive equipment much easier, allowing Luke to buy the products he needs now and simply spread the cost over time.

When I needed a new lens and a camera stabiliser, I browsed online for the best price. I noticed the retailer I’d chosen also offered finance through Novuna. The paperless process has been easy, accessible and reliable from start to finish. The application was quick and simple and the app works like a dream!

For most customers exploring the option of using finance, it’s important the process is smooth and seamless. That’s why our application process is designed to be quick to complete, with customers receiving an instant decision on their application. We’ve also invested in the Novuna Personal Finance app to allow customers to manage their finance their way – at home, on-the-go, whenever suits them.

This service has been invaluable for Luke. As a busy photographer, the last thing he needed was one more thing to worry about, but the Novuna app made the process a breeze. He simply set his payments to go out at the beginning of the month and got on with enjoying using his new equipment.

I can even make extra payments if I want to. I’d originally arranged to pay the finance off by September but I was actually able to pay it off a few months earlier. It’s so easy to manage when the whole process is online.

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